Friday, October 2, 2009

Genting Trip =)

It had been a long time since I last update my blog.
dun have the time n mood b4 dis.
at last I m bek for the moment.

Just came bek from Genting Trip
Oh MY ! I love the trip a lot.
had lots of fun n taken lots of pictures
I wil nt go to much into the details. the story is way too long
js a synopsis will do.

~1st day~
dat morning. (28.09.09)
brenda n bf come pick me up n v head to the 1U busstation for our bus ride
n then v change to the cable car at gotong jaya area.
at about 12+pm v reached the room which J-son n the others where there too

v did alot at genting. blow lots of water. play arcade games. trying to win tickets..
v also watch the WHERE GOT GHOST movie at 1.30am.
which is so hilarious =D
all of us walk bek to our hotel after the movie. which is around 3am
Its was freaking cold tat time. teeth shaking body shivering...

I get to sleep on a bed which is just made of wood. not even a spring on it.
I get a pillow bt dun have blanket. OMG! 1 of the worst nnight of my life.
when I woke up the nex morning. my body was in so much pain.

~2nd day~
v went to te theme park. unfortunately it was too foggy.
v oni get to ride the "umbrella" n the ghost house thingy.
the umbrella ride was so freaking fast n long duration. Its was so cold I cant make any sound.
I was wearing short pants =P

the ghost house is a joke. nth scary lo. a waste of time =)
but weiwei is stil afraid n cover her eyes the whole journey LOL
XIA SHUI d jiejie =D

speaking of ghost. weird stuff happen during this trip
brenda n bf when bek to the room early without others.
they had trouble openning the door of the room.
which they did nt have previously.
they tried n tired n tired
bt the door tat open was another door of another room near ours
bt there was no one there. no 1 in or out...
when brenda omos wan to give up n look for us. den the door successfully opens
she did nt tell us as she dunwan us to b afraid or sked.
weiwei wun b able to take it. =D

Besides that. I oso saw sumthing in the room.
a shadow I guess. at the cupboard of the room. I cant comfirm bout dis.
b4 i saw that i even when in the cupboard. whole person in it
felt so scary thinkin bout it.

Lets stop with al the ghost stuff. hmmm
I gamble alot at genting. LOL.
play CHOR DAI DEE wif frens
I did nt win at the end bcz of blackjack.
Its shows that i do not have tat kind of luck

* will not post lots of pictures here. Facebook me *

I hope can go to trips like dis wif my frens again.
to sum places thats nt tat cold dis time

Sunday, August 23, 2009

FINALS on the way~

wao! been a long long time din update dy.
kinda rusty now.
have a lot of pics which i wud like to post bt i dun have the mood n time to do so.
nid to start studying for the upcoming final exam. hope i can get the results i wan.
I also wish tat all my fren will score with flying colour xD
Lots of stuff kinda hapen btween dis post n the previous post.
mostly happy stuff
some.. comfusing.
"GALS prob"
as wad jason wong says all the time.
dis prob cant b avoided in our life.
think about dis prob for fews days dy.
reli having a headache bcz of that.
1 - a person tat shows mii heart
1 - some1 tat shows mii touch
1 - some1 tat shows mii nth
get to noe bout sum stuff from sum1.
kinda shock about it.
fate is sumthin unpredictable.
the outcome surely wud b diff if i had chosen another solution.
wad will hapen in da future. A B or C?
i reli duno..
Nw i js can focus on the exam.
js leave it till i get the "c" i cherish
hope to get it soon
gotta stop nw. will continue to update after the exams n the guitar performance
c ya guys~
ALL DA BEST YA EVERYONE^^ thxs fer the support u guys provide mii

Friday, July 24, 2009

My BDAY ^^

The day I pop out of this world
The day an average boy was brought into dis world

2day was a great day as expected !
SPECIAL thxs tooo :
PANDA , Weiwei , Brenda, Jason Tan, JinLi,
Jerry, YuenKee & Nee, Pooiyen, Winn, Panpan
Jasmine & bf, Irene & bf, Xiaotong & bf...
N many many more tat wish mii on my bday ^^
Its was reli great to have u guys participating in my life

Early morning, when to TS wif brenda to meet up wif de other,
panda n others went to the market early morning to get food for tat nites steamboat

After getting the room, v settle down quick
and fren started coming in 1 by 1
N 1 unexpected fren came ! JINLI~
OMG ! I was in total shock to c her xD
den I duno hw to react dy

V started partying for few hours
N here comes the most important part
I dance wif Jerry
This is the very first time I danced infront of a crowd
OMG !I was kinda OK~
bt den... i duno hw to say la
sum1 there add intangible pressure to mii xD
I did my best wif jerry
used 3 hours for the SORRY SORRY dance
HOPE tat u guys like it too

Afta the K when to find jasmine
shes working in SW
afta meeting her v went straight to weiwei's house
had steamboat there
n v had our own homemade french fries
Njoy doin it wif frens^^

Felt very happy to have such great frens
their presents enhances my life,
As wad jerry said "Frens forever"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ICSA day ^^

"CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP from the east to the west governen is the BEST"
A very HAPPY bt tirinng day ^^
had loadddddssss of FUN there
I enjoy shouting wif the whole coursemates (240 person)
"YUM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHENG !" xD
It was a day tat I was forced to wake up early morning bt its worth it
all of the boys in our class(7 in total) bt js 6 attended except eric.
The activities was fun n tiring. run here n there around college.
jumping across drains n thru the car park. running down the slopes (which is very dangerous)
bt its exciting xD
the games v played
1. hands n n legs on the selected numbers
2. Balloon bursting
3. statements n the icepath
4. Spining n blowing white flour

Group activity was the best
where we r told to pass on a msg thru 11 member using body langangue
it was reli funny, especially the transformer n the sperm
HERE R SOME PHOTOS (cant upload all, way too much pics taken)